Makeup / Cosmetics

Two’s Company’s Home Chic Home designer Ziploc quart-sized storage bags are an attractive alternative to using your handy-dandy supermarket variety. They’ve got a purdy damask scroll pattern and come forty to a box. Check them out at www.vintageweave .com.

 For straight items like eyeliners, lip pencils, and mascara use:
• Colored ponytail bands or scrunchies and group by item
• Multiple toothbrush holder
• Empty disposable tissue box cubes
• Small clay flower pot: Add a piece of Styrofoam and “plant” your brushes or other straight beauty pals in the foam

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Baby Steps

The ideas that follow allow you to ease your way into organizing on an item-by-item or category-by-category manner as you learn to deal with and overcome your bouts with chronic disorganization.

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Velcro Is Your Bathroom’s New Black

In the world of fashion every season has its must- have colors and accessories. I look at homekeeping items in the same way, which helps me feel a bit better when I do these chores that bore. I’ve already shared one of my favorite, must- have fashionable and functional accessories for cleaning: rubber gloves, which you can flip back to and read more about on page 8. Another timeless accidental housewifely bathroom organizing must-have is Velcro. That’s right—that oh-so-thin, versatile, sticky-backed, space-saving jewel that goes with and on almost anything. Just pull some out, snip, peel, and stick on items to turn your overstuffed bathroom drawer or vanity from bad to fab in minutes since this beauty works with so many of your bathroom’s key clutterers, including:

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