Redecorate Home Interior

Home interior that is never changed year by year can make you and family feel bored of living at house. Tight schedule and bustle are usually the main reasons why you never have enough time to redecorate home interior. Thus, what should you do to solve this problem? Actually, if you want to spare your time only a day to redecorate home interior, you can give significant difference of the whole house appearance. Don’t bother yourself to buy new furniture set, repaint wall, or replace current floor with new one that can spend your time and money.

You need to know that a small change in home interior can give new nuance that can make you and your family feel more comfortable. If you don’t know what you should do to create the change, apply several simple tips on decorating home interior below that even, you can do within a day:

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Beautifying Bedroom

Bedroom is one of favorite places to relax after school or office hours. If you are still single, bedroom can be the right area to enjoy your time. Meanwhile, if you are married already, bedroom is a romantic area to spend time together with spouse. Since this room is so important, beautifying it is a must so you can feel comfortable and enjoy doing activities in this room. How?

Repaint bedroom’s wall

Choosing the right color is important because color can represent who you are. Thus, choose paint color that matches with your taste. For example: if you are a fan of Chelsea FC, you can repaint bedroom’s wall with blue or if you like natural color, you can choose green for the wall.

In addition, if you are married, discuss with your spouse before deciding to choose color so you can find the right one.

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Renovating Your Old House

Living in an old-fashioned house with many breakdowns here and there can be a terrible thing. The homeowners can’t enjoy living inside. Finding your house starts getting old you might need to renovate it soon. Below are things that you should do:

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Decorating a Tropical Style Living Room

Tropical style is a style that is used to create natural impression. If this style is applied in living room, homeowners will get natural and warm nuance so they are willing to spend their leisure time in this room more.

Are you interested in decorating your living room with tropical style? If you are, apply several tips below to get comfort in your living room:

  1. Repaint wall with light green or cream
    The color choices to create tropical style are light green and cream. Therefore, repaint your living room’s wall with one of them. If you want to get natural and fresh nuance, you can choose light green. On the other hand, if you want to get warm and harmonious nuance, cream is a good choice. If you like both colors, you can combine them. Bear mind to repaint your wall as tidy as possible.
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