Put Fresh Plants into Your House Part One

Natural charm is that we can never resist, home decoration, decorative plants is an important matter to a ring. However, sometimes the green and healthy is not necessarily an equal sign between the different intervals and different plants have specific combination.

This paper from the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, kitchen, balcony space to proceed provides you with the best plants with the program.

PART 1: Green living, green plants and stylish living room with Tim How healthy

The living room is a place for family reunion and the parlor, decorative plants should be simple, beautiful, should not be too complex, and to consider the style of furniture and wall colors to select the appropriate plant species. Medium and large potted plants such as Monstera should place in the corner, which means a few shelves placed ferns, cacti, succulents and other small potted plants or Begonia; Cyclamen can show the hospitality of the owner.

On the table to put some fresh cut flowers, gladiolus, roses are excellent hospitality flowers, some green plants hanging vertical space, such as green radish, hanging bamboo grass, spider plants and so on.

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Put Fresh Plants into Your House Part Five

Selected for the pastoral style of restaurant meals side cabinets; iron is associated with the choice of harmony. The cabinet is also a wine rack; wrought iron side of the curve smooth, without any abrupt edges, placed in the restaurant is very safe, while also incorporating powerful features that make messy bottle also has a nice display form.

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Put Fresh Plants into Your House Part Four

PART 2: Green living, Green plants and flowers decorated the home garden gourmet restaurant

Restaurant decoration should be conducive to the appetite of plants, such as placing in the dining room around the palm, pear etc. leafy potted plants; also change according to different seasons for spring and summer with basil, winter with poinsettia and so on.

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