Makeup / Cosmetics

Two’s Company’s Home Chic Home designer Ziploc quart-sized storage bags are an attractive alternative to using your handy-dandy supermarket variety. They’ve got a purdy damask scroll pattern and come forty to a box. Check them out at www.vintageweave .com.

 For straight items like eyeliners, lip pencils, and mascara use:
• Colored ponytail bands or scrunchies and group by item
• Multiple toothbrush holder
• Empty disposable tissue box cubes
• Small clay flower pot: Add a piece of Styrofoam and “plant” your brushes or other straight beauty pals in the foam

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Baby Steps

The ideas that follow allow you to ease your way into organizing on an item-by-item or category-by-category manner as you learn to deal with and overcome your bouts with chronic disorganization.

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Cosmetic Cover- Ups

As I mentioned in the introduction to this chapter, an accidental housewife’s greatest homekeeping trick is to redirect the eye’s focus in a room by doing simple things to make it look organized and therefore neat. So if you have styling tools and aids, makeup, and creams scattered all over your vanities but can’t bring yourself to or ganize them you can still achieve some sense of order with “cover- ups.”

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