Furnishing Each Room in Your House

confusedLet’s start from your living room. To make the family members comfortable while staying in the living room, you can put a long sofa. If you love playing game, like card, monopoly, etc., in it, you can use either a rug or a short table in the center of the room. Next, if most of your family members love reading books, you can put a book shelf made of plywood in the corner.

Next, your bedroom. To be able to sleep tightly and relax in your bedroom, you need to select the right furniture. If you’re single, you don’t need to buy a king-size bed and a big wardrobe, but if you’re married you need to buy a big one. Because bed is used every day, you should buy the one made of solid wood because it’s durable. To make your bedroom look bigger, put the bed on a corner across your door. A wardrobe and a mirror should be placed next to it. If you have many accessories or love reading books before sleeping, you can put a shelf to put on your belongings. Don’t forget to have an empty side to do some activities, like getting dress and praying.

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Make Tile Flooring Last Longer

Tile flooring is one of the popular floorings because generally it can last for decades. Besides, this flooring is available in many motifs and colors that suit many people’s tastes. Do you use this kind of flooring at home? If you do, you should know that this flooring can be broken and look bad easily if you cannot take care of it correctly. Below are some tips that you can do to take care of it:

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