Before Rain Comes in


I still remember how bad my home sweet home was in the rain last year.  My house got a leak and then flooded.  My family and I were panicked at that moment because the leak happened at night when we were asleep.  I got up when I heard the neighbor’s shouting.  I woke up my wife and kids and moved to the second floor.  Fortunately, we did not have any injuries, but our house was in pretty bad shape afterwards.

Now, I make sure to prepare my home and family as well as possible so that we don’t have to deal with that problem anymore.  If you ever experience this problem and want to avoid it, read the following tips below of things to do before the rain comes.

Check Roofing Condition:

It is important to check your roof so you don’t get a leaky roof during a rain storm.  If you find some cracks or broken spots in your roof you need to call Jayhawk Exteriors to fix the problem before the rain comes again.  Ask the contractor if there are a lot of different spots with cracks and leaks to learn better what you should do.  You are highly recommended to ask for help from Stapleton Roofing which is one of the best and professional roofing contractors Phoenix AZ which handles roof replacement, roof repair, reroofing and recoating.

Prepare enough food and water:

You don’t need to prepare all of this for a small rainstorm where it only rains for a few minutes.  On the other hand you do want to prepare enough food and water for a few days just in case.  If your city often has intense strong rainstorms you will want to keep a stock of food and water and make sure you keep it up today and always stocked.

Clean Drains:

To minimize the risks of getting flooded, you should clean the drains around your house from trash.  Make sure that water is flowing smoothly away from your house.  Ask your neighbors to do the same thing to make sure all water is staying away from everyone’s home.

Hopefully, you and your family enjoy spending time at home when the rain does come.  Good Luck  🙂

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