Make My Parents Enjoy Staying at My Home

parentsLast summer, my parents visited my residence in Glendale, AZ. I was so happy at that moment because I really missed them. Unfortunately, I did not prepare my home well in which I did not repair air con, clean my home, and provide comfortable bedroom for them. Thus, they did not feel happy and comfortable when staying at my home. I regretted my mistake and promised to make them happy next time.

Last week, my parents told me that they will visit my home next month. I was surprised and happy. I thought about how to make them enjoy staying at my home. After thinking a while, finally, I knew what I should do soon. Btw, do you know what I will do? If you don’t, find the answer below:

Repair my air conditioner

Yup, my broken air con becomes the first thing that I will repair. This is important to do because in summer, temperature will be heat in Glendale. Of course, I don’t want to see my parents feel heat and uncomfortable nuance at my residence. To repair my air conditioner, I plan to call Cool Touch soon. I trust this company because it provides high quality ac repair Glendale AZ. Besides, this professional company offers heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance service.

Anyway, Cool Touch has trusted and experienced staffs that will repair my air con optimally and fast, so I can reuse it maximally. This company also serves HVAC services in many areas in Arizona, like Ahwatukee, El Mirage, Peoria, Anthem, and so on.

Provide their favorite foods

Aside from cleaning my home and providing comfortable bedroom for my lovely mom and dad, I plan to provide their favorite foods. In this plan, I will cook those foods myself. I am sure to do this because I am good at cooking. I hope they will enjoy eating my homemade foods.

Wish me luck. 🙂

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