Checklist for Starting a Home-based Food Business

Food BusinessFood business is one of the biggest and most profitable opportunities for homeowners, especially housewives. They are passionate about starting a catering business or family restaurant. Some homeowners manufacture their own foods or open food stalls. Well, to start a home-based food business, there are a number of essentials to take into consideration as listed below:

Business plan

Planning is indeed crucial for business startup. Before you begin a food business in the house, create and write down your business plan that consists of eight points below:

  1. Types of dishes. Deciding to open a home-based restaurant business you’ll have to offer several food and beverage menus to cater your guests. Meanwhile, for those who plan to start a catering business, consider dishes that are likely chosen for wedding, birthday, business meeting, graduation, or other events.
  2. Place. You’ve got your house to start the business. Where will you exactly run it? You should prepare a special space to handle your foods and meet customers. Perhaps, you should renovate your house for this.
  3. Target market. Determine your target market. Who are potential to buy your foods or eat at your restaurants? Including this in business plan makes you more focused.
  4. Business name & logo. It’s important to have a business name and logo to let customers distinguish you from your competitors.
  5. Price. Make a price list of every product you offer. It should be reasonable and competitive to your customers.
  6. Marketing strategy. What marketing effort will you perform? Consider both offline and online marketing strategies to let prospects find you.
  7. Funding. How will you finance your home-based food business startup? Some people need to apply for a small business loan because of no personal saving.
  8. Tools. Make a list of equipment you’ll need to run the business, like kitchen appliance, cutlery, and food packaging supplies. For food containers and trays, have a look at All In Packaging collection.

In running a home-based business, you absolutely need the help from other people. Ask your family or hire people to fill these positions:

  1. Chef. Will you be the only chef? If not, you’ll have to hire people who have good cooking skill and are willing to contribute in your business.
  2. Bookkeeper. Food business owners will find it important to hire a bookkeeper to manage and track expenses and incomes. The owner can be a bookkeeper, too.
  3. Maid. Maid has a role to clean the area, wash dishes, and other household jobs in running a food business.

When looking for staff, make sure to pay attention to their experience and attitude, so you’ll work with the right people.

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