Why Should You Install Timber Flooring?

timber flooring“Look my flooring! It looks bad and I don’t feel comfortable. I plan to replace it with new one. Please, give me recommended floor” was my sister’s request yesterday when I visited her home. I suggested her to replace her bad flooring with timber flooring and take care of her flooring more so it is durable.

How about you? Do you plan to replace current flooring with new one? If you do, similar to my suggestion to my sister, it is better for you to install timber flooring. Why? Find the answer below:

It helps you create natural atmosphere

Timber flooring is identic with natural atmosphere. It is able to bring natural nuance at home. Because of this, most homeowners who like classic style and natural concept and theme install this flooring. Therefore, if you want to create natural atmosphere at your residence, installing timber flooring is the right choice.

It warms room

When cool weather or winter comes in, flooring types, such as: vinyl, laminate, and tile flooring cannot warm room. This happens because they cannot absorb hot temperature or sun light in the afternoon. Meanwhile, timber flooring is able to do it well and produce warm temperature at night. This definitely helps you keep warmth of your body.

It enhances home interior’s appearance

At this moment, timber flooring is available in various color options, such as: brown, cream, light brown, mahogany, and so on. Variety of this floor can give you many options to install wooden flooring with certain color based on your home concept and theme. For instance, if you want to apply Victoria theme, you can choose brown timber flooring or if you want to apply modern concept, choosing light brown timber flooring can be the right choice to enhance home interior’s appearance.

Well, if you are interested in installing this floor, buy it only at trusted stores, such as: Zealsea Timber Flooring that provide many high quality timber floors, such as: Blackbutt T&G, Blackbutt Solid Raw Hardwood, Cypress Pine T&G, Spotted Gum Harwood Solid Raw, Merbau Solid Pre-finished, Blue Gum Hardwood Solid Prefinished, Tassie Oak Solid Prefinished, Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) Hardwood Solid Prefinished Timber Flooring, and much more.

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