Cowhide Rugs-A Contemporary Classic for Your Home

rugsWhen moving into a new home, or just redecorating, there are many options to consider when it comes to the floors. Choosing a cowhide rug to cover the flooring is a contemporary classic that will never go out of style. Cowhide rugs have many different benefits that make them an amazing choice for any decoration project.

Cowhide has the true appearance of natural beauty. No two cows are exactly alike in coloring, therefore, no two cowhide rugs are the same. The size of the rug depends solely on the size on the animal from which it came, therefore, no two cowskin rugs that are exactly the same size either.

Another great benefit of using cowhide in decorating the home is how hardwearing the product is. Cowskin rugs provide a soft and pliable rug with the toughness of leather. Individuals who are not familiar with the toughness of the cowhide are pleasantly surprised in time if they choose to decorate with it due to the long lasting toughness of it.

Cowhide is also extremely versatile in the home. Cowskin can be used as cowhide rugs on the floor or even used as an accent on a chair. Cowhide rugs provide a soft place for individuals to put their feet, or accent throws provide a glossy, soft place to lean back against on a leather chair. Cowhide can also be hung on the wall as decorating in a frame the same way as a photograph would be framed.

Cowhide is a wonderful thing to decorate with due to many reasons, but being easy to clean is one of the top appealing features. All it takes to clean cowskin is a damp sponge and water. Once the cowhide has been wiped down, it can be shaken out to fluff the thick, furry coat back to its natural beauty.

Cowskin rugs also have the benefit of being hypo-allergenic. Sometimes decorating a home when an individual who occupies it has allergies is complicated. Cowskin is a completely fragrance free product and offers no worries to anyone with allergies.

Animal skin provides a contemporary classic to any home by bringing in completely natural beauty. With no cowskin being exactly the same, neither color nor size, cowskin offers a unique design in many different ways. Whether the cowhide is used on the floor, as an accent on a chair, or on the wall, the beauty is always present.

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