Redecorate Home Interior

Home interior that is never changed year by year can make you and family feel bored of living at house. Tight schedule and bustle are usually the main reasons why you never have enough time to redecorate home interior. Thus, what should you do to solve this problem? Actually, if you want to spare your time only a day to redecorate home interior, you can give significant difference of the whole house appearance. Don’t bother yourself to buy new furniture set, repaint wall, or replace current floor with new one that can spend your time and money.

You need to know that a small change in home interior can give new nuance that can make you and your family feel more comfortable. If you don’t know what you should do to create the change, apply several simple tips on decorating home interior below that even, you can do within a day:

Replace only an obsolete home stuff with new one

Buying a new home stuff set probably makes you spend more time especially if you want to have unique and elegant one. Thus, it is better for you to replace only an obsolete home stuff with new one. For example: if the table in living room looks bad and old already, replace it with a new coffee table, edgy, or vintage table. By buying a new table, you surely won’t spend a lot of time and even money, right? Besides, living room will look different by the existence of that new table.

Hang a mirror in each room

Basically, mirror is able to make small room look wider, reflect light lamps, and beautify home interior. Therefore, hang a mirror in each room, such as: living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Change lighting

Changing lighting can also give big effect to get new house nuance and appearance. Replace current bulbs with new ones, such as: halogen replacement bulbs that you can buy at Genesis Lamp Corporation. You need to know that halogen bulbs are able to produce soft lighting that can freshen up your vision and make home interior look more beautiful.

Hang some paintings

No need to buy expensive paintings that are painted by popular painters, such as: Pablo Ruiz Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci because buying paintings that can make you feel cozy is enough. You can choose abstract, comical, or retro paintings to beautify wall. Don’t forget to use beautiful frame to make the paintings look more exquisite.

Last but not least, decorate your floor with a nice rug. Choose rug with big graphic motifs if you want to get harmonious nuance or small graphic motif and soft color if you want to make room look wider. Remember to install it as tidy as possible, okay!

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