Tips on Relocating These Three Heavy Items

Moving house can be exciting and tiring at the same time. There are many new things you can find at new house, such as: different home nuance and new neighbors. On the other hand, you are extremely exhausted to relocate tons of stuffs to your new house, especially three heaviest items below:


Bed is the main furniture that causes headache when moving house, especially if yours are king/queen-sized. In this case, ask at least five people to help you. Separate between bed frame and mattress so some of you bring the bed frame while some others bring the mattress. Remember to wrap the mattress using plastics or shrink wraps and strap it tightly using ropes. Measure the bed frame and mattress accurately to ensure both can pass the doors and fit the vehicle you use for moving house.


Moving fridge is a big problem unless you use moving dolly or have casters to push the fridge on your own or getting help from a friend. Remember to unplug the cable and empty it first to lighten the fridge’s weight. Be careful when moving fridge because it tends to scratch floorings if you do it carelessly.


Computer isn’t as heavy and big as bed and fridge but you also get difficulties to move computer since it consists of many components like monitor, processor, keyboard, speaker, printer, and so on. To move computer properly, you need to unplug all cables and connectors of all hardware components. Then, pack all components carefully into suitable boxes and strap the boxes using strong and thick ropes made of polypropylene or polyester especially at the bottom of the boxes to avoid dropping them down.

In addition to three things above, piano is also another heavy item that gives trouble when moving house. If you own a piano and need to relocate it, you shouldn’t be confused as long as you rely on Premier Piano Movers.

Purchasing moving insurance is crucial because you are risky to get goods damages, especially the heavy items above, or even get loss during the moving process. Hopefully you can move to your new house smoothly without getting any problems and have fun at your new house.

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