Beautifying Bedroom

Bedroom is one of favorite places to relax after school or office hours. If you are still single, bedroom can be the right area to enjoy your time. Meanwhile, if you are married already, bedroom is a romantic area to spend time together with spouse. Since this room is so important, beautifying it is a must so you can feel comfortable and enjoy doing activities in this room. How?

Repaint bedroom’s wall

Choosing the right color is important because color can represent who you are. Thus, choose paint color that matches with your taste. For example: if you are a fan of Chelsea FC, you can repaint bedroom’s wall with blue or if you like natural color, you can choose green for the wall.

In addition, if you are married, discuss with your spouse before deciding to choose color so you can find the right one.

Rearrange bedroom’s stuffs

Rearranging bedroom’s stuffs, like cupboard, chair, and dressing table is crucial to do so bedroom looks tidier. Also put some old goods out, such as: cassettes, magazines, books, and clothes that you don’t use anymore.

Install rug

To warm this room and create modern nuance, install rug. You can either choose rug color that matches with wall color so bedroom looks harmonious or choose rug with contrast color if you like diversity. Bear in mind to clean rug from dirt and dust at least one a week so bedroom is not dirty and smell. Besides, don’t forget to clean bedroom’s flooring every day.

Use tied edges duvet cover

To make your sleep soundly, use proper bedding, such as: tied edges duvet cover that you can buy at French connection homeware. This store also provides frayed edges duvet cover if you want.

Hang favorite pictures

If you are still single, hanging family, girlfriend, and idol pictures is good choice. While if you are married, you can hang wedding pictures on wall. Another option is hanging painting or poster that you like.

Put a light sleeper

Aside from installing lamps, put a light sleeper so you can reduce electricity power and relax because this light produces dim light.

Applying the tips above you can enjoy spending time in bedroom and sleep soundly.

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