Tips on Cleaning House Quickly

If you are a mom who works at office, you certainly have a little time to clean house every morning before going to office. If you are a girl who studies at school or college, you also has a little time to clean house because your class schedule. No matter who you are, if you’re woman, cleaning a house is a must. Thus, you need to have strategies how to clean house quickly using your little time. Read these suggestions:

  • Make a clear schedule
    You need to know clearly what you’re going to clean every morning since you get up until you go out. It’s better if you also make schedules for daily and weekly cleaning. Thus, you don’t waste time to think about what cleaning activities you should do and not.
  • Put all cleaning tools together
    To clean house quickly, you need to put all cleaning tools in the certain place so you don’t waste time to look for cleaning tools that you’re going to use.
  • Do certain cleaning to whole rooms
    You will need more time if you clean certain room completely just move to other room. To be quick, you should start doing certain cleaning to whole rooms, for example: you sweep all rooms from living room, bedroom, kitchen to study room, just move to another cleaning like mopping. It will be quicker.
  • Put Unused stuffs into boxes
    Instead of cleaning unused stuffs again and again, why don’t you put them into boxes? Don’t do this activity on weekday because you won’t have enough time. You can do this on weekend. Ask your family to join so your work load isn’t too much. After you put them into boxes, cover the boxes with security tapes.

Well, good luck guys!

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