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Why Why Do People Choose Wrong Air Conditioning Technician?Yesterday, my sister told me that if she really regretted because she did not hear me last week. At that moment, she asked for my suggestions about air conditioning technician that she chose. I told her if she chose wrong one because based on my experience that technician was not reputable and reliable. Nevertheless, she did not hear me. She assumed that I had bad opinion. I asked her to consider her decision, but she still remained hiring the technician. Read the rest of this entry »

parents Make My Parents Enjoy Staying at My HomeLast summer, my parents visited my residence in Glendale, AZ. I was so happy at that moment because I really missed them. Unfortunately, I did not prepare my home well in which I did not repair air con, clean my home, and provide comfortable bedroom for them. Thus, they did not feel happy and comfortable when staying at my home. I regretted my mistake and promised to make them happy next time. Read the rest of this entry »

Food Business Checklist for Starting a Home based Food BusinessFood business is one of the biggest and most profitable opportunities for homeowners, especially housewives. They are passionate about starting a catering business or family restaurant. Some homeowners manufacture their own foods or open food stalls. Well, to start a home-based food business, there are a number of essentials to take into consideration as listed below: Read the rest of this entry »

wayfair e Buy New Home Stuffs at WayfairDo you plan to buy new home stuffs online? If you do, you must buy them only at well-known and reliable online home décor stores, so you can get high quality and original products. If now, you don’t find the right online store yet, it is better for you to visit Wayfair. Why? It is a professional online store that provides qualified products with the best prices. Read the rest of this entry »

develop app Develop Windows Phone AppWhat do you do when having free time at home? If you just spend most of your time at home by sleeping and eating as you like, you should stop doing those unless you want to deal with headache and obesity sooner or later. In contrast, you should do useful activities, like developing Windows Phone app, especially if you are good at IT and want to have good app to support your routines. Read the rest of this entry »